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Thursday, October 23, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 7

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge  

I'm not sure why the Roleplay Challenge posts changed order.  My blog messed up somehow.  Luckily I have them titled by days so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  Today is Day 7!  Yesenia is our lucky sim so we'll be following her whims all day while Makayla is our unlucky sim so she will be on cleaning duty and not skill during skill time.  Makayla and Ana are up early needing the restroom and neither goes back to bed.  Instead they end up staying up playing video games on the 2 computers.  Yesenia's 1st whim is to tell a joke so she tess one at breakfast to Lexie.
 Then she wants to meet someone new so I send her to the neighboring park where she meets this guy.
She next wants to chat on the phone so I have her call someone and then she wants to catch 3 fish.  This could take awhile.
After catching 3 fish she wants to fish for an hour so she continues fishing.  Then she wants to take a nap because she's lazy so I send her to nap on the couch since I'm not sure which bed is hers.
After her nap it's time for the daily activity.  They roll visit the museum.  Once they get to the museum Yesenia wants to be friendly with Addyson.
The ladies just roam the museum and talk to each other.  Nothing exciting happens and Yesenia only has fishing whims.  They come home for dinner and free will then at 11:00 it is time to tally everyone's points for the day.  Kayla is still in lead but Addyson and Yesenia aren't too far behind.  One reason is because Kayla had the worst plumbob today.  She will be tomorrow's unlucky sim.  Makayla will be tomorrow's lucky sim.

Kayla- pts 106
Addyson- pts 91
Yesenia- pts 90
Lexie- pts 78
Ana- pts 74
Makayla- pts 72
Diana- pts 60
Julia- pts 41


  1. LOL at all the fishing :D Btw I think the Museum is a pretty good place to hang out. Seems like there are always many outgoing locals.

    1. Funny, when they went to the museum nobody else showed up!


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