Saturday, October 25, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- Starting Out

For more information about the Living Off the Grid Challenge stop by Sims 4 Challenges Rules.

I found this challenge while looking through them on the Sims 4 forums.  It sounded different and I figured even a terrible builder like myself can build a house for this challenge!  Basically you have no electricity.  So no stove, fridge, computer, ect.  So after reading and re-reading the rules I made my sim and built her a house.  I haven't actually started the challenge itself yet. 

My sim for this challenge is named Flora Fauna.  LOL  She loves the outdoors and is a cheerful loner.  Her goal in life is to be a Freelance Botanist.  She'd also like to be an Angling Ace.  But first she'll concentrate on her plants.  When she can fertilize she'll start fishing I think.  Luckily there is a fishing spot right in her backyard!

As I said before I'm not much of a builder but I think I did okay with the house.  I started putting in lighting before I remembered no electricity.  Oops!  So here's her house from a couple of different angles.

She has a little porch out front.  The inside has a small living room where she can read for fun.  She has a small bedroom with a single bed and some plants.  Outside is the outhouse with the cheapest toilet and shower.  (I bet she'll be fixing those a lot)  There's also a grill and picnic table next to the outhouse.  She has 6 garden boxes and 3 bonsai trees.  All that only took up about half the lot, lol.  I'm looking forward to starting this challenge and am trying to think of a strategy so that she can finish it as quickly as possible and get me more points!  There are 4 levels of this challenge and I hope to finish the fishing aspiration as well to get one of the higher levels.

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  1. yes, this is amazing , I 'm dying to do a series on youtube , I would like to be seen and many people will be encouraged to play this great challenge , my respect for creating something so amazing : 3