Saturday, October 25, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- I Think the Garden is Too Big!

Flora buys starter packs of flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables.  She plants 2 of each type. 
Then she waters them all completing the 1st part of her aspiration.
Then she prunes a bonsai tree.
She has just enough time left to grill some hotdogs, use the outhouse and it's off to bed.  7:30 comes quick!  She's awake at 2:00am and the hotdogs are still good so I have her eat some.  Since the plants don't need anything yet I have her fish for fun.  She can use the fish as fertilizer later.  Her social is low so I have her stop a lady jogger and chat.
Then she weeds and waters her plants.  This takes a long time.  I scope out the neighborhood and find plants for her to harvest.
She fishes again but it doesn't help much with her fun and it's time to go home and cook more hotdogs.  She barely makes it to bed by 7:30.  She wakes up at 4:00am this time.  I have her eat leftover hotdogs then use the outhouse.  By then it's light so she reads for fun.  She plants some potatoes, snapdragon and strawberries that she harvested the day before.  Her social gets low again so I have her flag someone down.  I don't notice how late it is until it's too late to cook.  She goes to bed hungry.  She wakes up at 3:00am and grills more hotdogs.  A bunch of her plants are ready to evolve which is exciting.  She does that and then it's back to weeding and watering.  I think I made her garden too big.  She has to stop with her garden to read for fun.  I wish gardening didn't bring down fun so much.  She tries to finish with the garden but it's time for bed already.  She wakes up at 2:00am with all her needs low.  Finally she gets to the garden and completes the 2nd part of her Freelance Botanist aspiration.  The goals now are hard.  At least she can talk to her plants for social.  (Sorry there aren't more pics but it was so repetitive it seemed pointless.)

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