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Sunday, October 26, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- Struggles with Foliage

After my last post I thought about it and decided that Flora's garden is too big.  Especially since she hasn't found all of the different plants yet.  So instead of 2 of each plant I cut it down to 1 of each plant.  Here's the before and after:

Sorry the pics are so dark.  I did it while Flora was sleeping.  Flora starts her day off grilling hotdogs, evolves 2 plants and weeds & waters the rest.  She reached level 6 in gardening.  I decide today she will find some new plants, hopefully.  I go to the area my Runaway Teen Challenge was at.  There is a little garden there.  None of the plants are harvestable!

I have her check other places that I know have little gardens too.  None of them are harvestable.  She comes home empty-handed and almost misses her bedtime.  When she wakes up most of her plants are ready to evolve.  She evolves her plants, cleans her grill and grills some hotdogs.  She has to be getting bored of hotdogs.  She talks to her plants for social.

She fishes for fertilizer and fun.  She's level 4 in fishing now and has completed the 1st part of the Angling Ace aspiration.  She tends her garden and then it's time for bed again.  When she wakes up she fishes some more.  She still has plants that need fertilizer.  Once she's caught the 4 fish she needs for fertilizer she uses the outhouse and grills some hotdogs.  She has to fix the broken toilet then she fertilizes the remaining plants.

After that she reads for some fun until bedtime.  The days are flying by.  I thought I had a good strategy for this challenge but I'm starting to doubt myself.  The next day she checks on the dessert garden again.  Still nothing can be harvested.  I don't know how I'm going to get all of the plants!  She fishes there for awhile and then heads home.  The bills are delivered.  They are next to nothing with the tiny house.  Flora talks to her plants until bedtime.  The next day she wakes up and takes care of her needs then waters the garden.  She reaches gardening level 7.  She fertilizes the plants that need it and harvests the garden.  Then she visits the desert garden again.  The sage is ready but nothing else.  It gives me hope but after having her check the other gardens nothing else is ready.  Flora has 11 days until she ages to adult.  I don't see how she'll finish in time at this rate. 

I have her fish, she's level 6 in fishing now and has completed the 2nd part of the Angling Ace aspiration.  After some investigation online it turns out the plants I have been waiting for may never be harvestable unless Flora spends a lot of time there.  She can't because she has to tend her garden.  One forum poster suggested that a graft could be made from one of these plants to get their fruit.  I wish I had known that all along.  I wasted a lot of time.  Part of me wishes I could start the challenge over but Flora has gotten so far I'm going to stick with it.  One thing's for sure I'll be a gardening pro by the end of this challenge!

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