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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- This Girl's Not on Fire

**Credit for finding places to take cuttings that I couldn't find is given to Carl's Sims 4 Guide.  Except the cherry tree which I couldn't find and had to google.**

After reading more about grafting I have Flora graft a lemon tree cutting she took onto her apple tree.  It turns back into a tiny plant which she fertilizes and talks to.

She reads for fun for a few hours.

Then she goes to take more cuttings.  First she gets a tomato and onion from the dessert garden area.  Then I send her home because she's hungry.  She now has a basil/tomato and spinach/onion plant.  She fertilizes and talks to them until bedtime.  She wakes up at 1:00am.  She tends her garden in the dark then grills some hotdogs.  She reads for fun then travels to get more cuttings.

She gets a pear and rose but the lily plant is not ready.  The only option is view.  So she fishes in the area for a bit in hopes that the plant will grow some and it does!  The plan works and she gets a lily cutting.  The problem I have next is not knowing which cutting is from which plant.  Which is how I got a plantain/rose plant, a grape/pear plant and a potato/lily plant.  Ugh.  She levels up to 8 gardening skill.  She's very tired by bedtime.  She wakes up at 4am this time but all of her needs are low.  She tends her needs and then the garden.  She harvests a tomato and onion, grafting works!  Yay!  She goes off in search of more plants.  She can only view the plants again so she starts fishing.  Then I get a notification that there is a fire on the lot.  I'm like what the heck?  I look around and Don Lothario has set a grill on fire!

I sit and watch the fire spread while I wait for the cuttings.  Then I realize it's getting late and try to send Flora home.  She can't go home because of the fire!  She knocks on the door and uses their bathroom and bed.  I don't know what else to do.  The fire spreads through the night while Don and Nina just stand outside their front door.

Finally, out of options Flora extinguishes the fire.

She takes her cuttings and gets the heck outta there!  She now has bluebell/blackberry and parsley/tulip plants.  Her needs are all low so she again tends to them and then the garden.  Then it's already time for bed.  She wakes up at 12:30am!  She tends to her needs and evolves some plants then she's off to find the elusive cherry tree.  I cannot find one anywhere.  She goes back to her neighborhood to check inside the special tree.

She enters Sylvan Glade and I find a cherry tree that's not ready yet so she fishes for several hours.  She catches a pomagranate!  What luck!  Finally the cherry tree is ready.

She goes home and plants the pomegranate and grafts the cherry tree completing the 3rd part of her Freelance Botanist aspiration.  She has 6 days until she ages to adult and has only found 18 of the 30 plants needed for the challenge.  The rest are plants made from grafting which will take time so I have no doubt she'll be into adulthood when she completes the challenge.  I'm a bit bummed out about that.  It's -100 points for every day into adulthood and I still have to complete the Angling Ace aspiration if I want to get specialist or legendary.

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