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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- The Elusive Cow Berry

**Credit for which plants to graft cuttings to make new plants goes to Carl's Sims 4 Guide.**

I'm sorry this post is so long and doesn't have many pictures.  I was so into playing I played for 4 hours strait trying to get that elusive cow berry!

When we left off Flora had just visited Sylvan Glade.  She got her cherry tree cutting and a bunch of fish while there.  I switched over to the Angling Ace aspiration and bowled then put back into inventory all the fish.  I usually mount them but Flora needs them for fertilizer.  She takes cuttings from a strawberry plant and a snapdragon plant and puts them on daisy and strawberry plants.  Soon she'll have bonsai and dragonfruit.  Then she heads to bed. 

She wakes up in bad shape and tends to her needs.  She trims her bonsai to become focused and hits level 9 gardening!  Then she tends and harvests the garden.  She takes so much time that when she's done it's bedtime again.  She wakes up in dire need of fun so I have her fish.  She completes the 3rd part of the angling ace aspiration.

It's nice having a fishing spot so close to the house.  If you look in the picture you can see her in the top right corner.  She tends to her needs then the garden.  Her needs always seem to be low and there's so much to do!  I get the notification that it will be her birthday soon.  She grafts a lily onto a snapdragon to make an orchid.  Then she maxxed her gardening skill!  She grafts a tulip onto a chrysanthemum for bird of paradise.  She then reads until bedtime.  All she needs now is a cow berry, bird of paradise and orchid.  She wakes up the next morning with her needs all low again.  She has plants to evolve and it drives me crazy waiting for her needs to go up first.  She completes her Freelance Botanist aspiration!!!  Now I don't have to keep switching back and forth between that and Angling Ace.  She fishes for a bit to celebrate and hits level 8 fishing.  The dragonfruit plant is taking forever to reach maturity.  I already know the cowplant will be the plant that keeps me from finishing the challenge on time.  Flora wakes up the next morning and grafts the snapdragon to the dragonfruit plant.  Now it's just waiting for the cow berry.  She only needs that and bird of paradise now.

Today is Flora's birthday, I got the notification.  She tends the garden like always.  There will be no cake to celebrate.  I wait for her to age up and she fishes a bit.  She goes to bed and still no birthday!  I always age up my sims with a cake so I don't know how long it takes.  She wakes up at 2:30 am and talks to her plants.  She harvests the bird of paradise now all she needs is a cow berry.  Then all of the sudden it pops on the screen that she aged up.  How weird.  She's sad about having missed a birthday party.  She has 20 days until aging up again.  I know she won't need them all.  She loses 100 points for each day it takes her to get the cow berry now.

After some thought I decide to sell off most of Flora's garden.  She needs the time to fish.

The box containing the dragonfruit is all that is left.  I'm sad to see the garden go but it takes the entire day to tend it.  Flora wakes up and tends what's left of her garden and then fishes until she's hungry.  She grills hotdogs as always.

This is the first day I subtract points for her not finishing her collection on time.  Her score is 10,900.  She fishes some more and reaches level 9 fishing skill.  Another day starts with no cow berry.  Down to 10,800.  She tends her little garden and fishes until bedtime.  Then the next day comes with no cow berry.  Score = 10,700.  She tends the garden and fishes again.  I check on the dragonfruit plant constantly to see if it's ready to harvest.  She maxxes the fishing skill.  The next day she wakes up to no cow berry.  Down to 10,600 unless it shows up sometime today.  She tends the tiny garden and fishes like every other day.  Then it happens!  The plant is ready to harvest! 

She plants the cow berry, waters and fertilizes it.

My score is now 10,700 since she got it today!  She only has to fish for 9 more hours to reach specialist level by completing the Angling Ace aspiration.  Looks like my next post will be the last for this challenge.

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