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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TS4 Living Off the Grid Challenge- Specialist!

When we left off Flora had finally harvested and planted the elusive cow berry completing the gardening part of the challenge.  She spends the rest of the day talking to the cowplant until bedtime.

In the morning the baby cowplant has sprouted!

Flora tends her needs and then the garden as usual then goes fishing.

She finishes off the "fish for 100 hours" part of her aspiration and completes the Angling Ace aspiration!  She is only 5 days into adulthood.  I think all in all she did good with this challenge.  I switch her over to The Curator aspiration.  The challenge creator Recipe_Simmer mentioned that it might be fun to do that one too.  Flora digs up the 2 digsites nearby then she makes some hotdogs.  After selling all of her plants and fish from her inventory she has $16,000 simoleans!  There is no need to worry about making money in this challenge.  The bills are so low.  Flora talks to the cowplant then heads to bed.  She wakes up and tends to her needs and her tiny garden.  She digs up all the digsites I can find in the neighborhood then goes to Sylvan Glade.  I can only find 3 frog logs there.

I send her to the dessert neighborhood where my Runaway Teen Challenge was.  I know where all the digsites and frogs are there.  Then she goes home to up her needs before bedtime.  The next morning the cowplant is full grown!

I love cowplants.  They are one of the coolest things in The Sims 4 in my opinion.

Final score: Specialist- 17,700.  I think I will continue to play Flora with The Curator aspiration because I'm enjoying this challenge so much.  A big thanks to Recipe_Simmer @ Sims 4 Challenges for creating it.

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