Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Meet the Ladies!

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge

Here are the ladies I will be using for my Roleplay Challenge.  Their looks, names, walk styles, aspirations and traits were all randomly generated either using my number generator app or create a sim's random button.  Now I just need to find them a house!  I'm really excited about this challenge.  Btw you can tell they are random because I never would have picked 2 ladies to have the hates children trait that I might be using for my baby challenge!  Eek.  I wasn't too thrilled with most of their aspirations either.  Oh well that's what happens when you roll the dice for everything!

Number 1: Lexie Ogden
Aspiration- The Curator
Traits- hates children, creative and slob

 Number 2: Addyson Rust
Aspiration- Joke Star
Traits- insane, genius and creative

 Number 3: Yesenia Dodson
Aspiration- Angling Ace
Traits- music lover, geek and lazy

 Number 4: Makayla Liang
Aspiration- Joke Star
Traits- non-committal, loner and self-assured

 Number 5: Julia Toth
Aspiration- Bodybuilder
Traits- art lover, creative and outgoing

 Number 6: Diana Savage
Aspiration- Fabulously Wealthy
Traits- ambitious, loves the oudoors and goofball

 Number 7: Kayla Beckman
Aspiration- Freelance Botanist
Traits- hates children, geek and bro

Number 8: Ana Kaminski
Aspiration- Master Mixologist
Traits- insane, loves the outdoors and loner

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  1. Nice characters!! Do you mind if I use them for the role-play challenge? (I will modify them a bit, but their names will stay the same, along with traits)