Thursday, September 25, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- 3 Children is Just Too Much!

So you might be wondering why I haven't posted for the Marx Legacy in a few days?  Seriously?  The kids!  I have no idea how I'm going to be able to handle 4 children in the next legacy when 3 are driving me nuts!  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to also control 4 adults.  When they have work I am so happy because they leave for awhile and I don't have to worry about them.  Isabel is the only one without a job now that Aiden died.  She spends all her spare time painting.  Having so many sims in one house makes it really hard to concentrate on aspirations.  Which is bad because if you didn't know already I play by merit rules.  Whichever child completes the most parts of his or her aspiration becomes the heir for that generation.  So I've been playing in spurts.  Just a half an hour or so here and there.  I also started another challenge which took up a lot of my time yesterday since my computer froze up and I lost all my progress.  But anyway enough complaining.  Here is your update on the Marx family:
  • Annabeth completed the 1st part of her aspiration and Hayes completed the 2nd part of his.
  • Aaron has been going into space in the rocket and filling the fridge with food when he doesn't work.
  • It seeems elders have different timespans.  Erica aged to elder a day before Aaron but their ages are 32 days apart!  The strange thing is their green bars look the same.  It will be interesting to see who lives longer.  Though trying to kill Aaron with the rocket doesn't help that little experiment.
  • I now have all of the consumable aspiration rewards.  That's a point for nature for those of us keeping track of points.
  • Annabeth completed the 2nd part of her aspiration and was almost done with the 3rd and I hadn't even noticed!  See how hard it is keeping track of 7 sims!
  • Duncan completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and chose Whiz Kid as his 2nd and quickly finished the 1st part.
  • Annabeth completed her Creative aspiration and chose Rambunctious Scamp as her 2nd.
  • Hayes is lagging behind due to the need to find so many friends.  If he wants to be heir he will have to catch up in his teen years.
 Aaron crawls out of a fiery rocket crash.

 Hayes and Duncan playing chess.

 Annabeth dancing for her 2nd aspiration.

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