Friday, September 26, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Deaths and Birthdays!

A patch came out yesterday that is supposed to fix the disappearing sims.  I have 3 new households "not in world" that I didn't have before.  I'm going to keep track of them to see if they stay.  Update: they did not stay.  They were replaced by 4 new "not in world" households.  I'm really bummed about this.  I guess the patch is only fixing some parts of the disappearing sims.  Hopefully the part that made all my legacy spares disappear after I moved them out.  I still have one, Hannah, living in a house.  Yay.  I was going to download a family of teenagers from the gallery but it says I can't have a household of only teenagers.  Darnit.  Back to checking #LegacyLoves for more teenagers!  And with that I give you your update:
  • Hayes got a B in school.
  • Annabeth completed the 1st part of her 2nd aspiration.
  • Bills $3,964.
  • Aaron crash lands the rocketship and survives again.  I think I'm going to give up on getting the point for having every type of death.  It's just too hard to kill them!
  • Isabel maxxed the painting skill, no surprise, it's all she does.
  • Duncan got a B in school.
  • Aaron dies of old age.  I sent the kids outside so they wouldn't "witness death".
  • Shockingly Erica dies the same day of old age!  Grim turned the radio on and started dancing but I didn't get a good shot to take a pic before he stopped.  Darnit.
  • Annabeth gets a B in school.
  • Duncan ages to teen.  His trait is outgoing and his aspiration is Freelance Botanist.
  • Hayes also ages to teen.  His trait is genius and his aspiration is Master Chef.  This sucks because that was Aaron's aspiration which he completed and Aaron already filled up the fridge before he died.
  • Isabel and Dane age to adult.
  • Annabeth completed the 2nd part of her 2nd aspiration.  So far she's winning the race to heir with Duncan a close 2nd.
 Annabeth on the jungle gym while playful for her aspiration.

 Aaron crawls out of the rocketship crash like it was nothing...

 ...then dies of old age later the same day.

 Grim giving the kids chess pointers.

 Erica finishes work and in the middle of her meal lies down and dies.

 Duncan and Annabeth celebrate Hayes birthday while he takes a selfie.

 Duncan tending his garden.  I really gotta get that angry lion hat off his head!

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