Saturday, September 27, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Time to Make New Friends

Despite the new patch my problem with disappearing townies persists.  I read on the forums if you visit lots more often the game will make townies.  I sent Annabeth as a child to play at the park to test this out.  There were 2 other kids there.  After she got home I checked manage households and the kids weren't there.  But even worse there was nobody except the families I have put in houses!  So apparently the patch only saves those we put in houses.  (which I had some disappear from houses before so I'm happy about)  It doesn't seem to help produce more townies that stay in the game!  Ugh.  So I decided to check out #LegacyLoves on the gallery.  I downloaded a house for the new sims named NEUANFANG by Julchens77.  Then I found a household of all teens but the one required adult.  I was so happy.  It is called Legacy Teens by JCobe2810.  I think I already have someone picked out for Duncan and Annabeth.  Hayes is so far behind there's no way he's going to win heir.  So here is your update for the day of what's happening in the Marx household:
  • Isabel spends her time making sad paintings since she's still mourning.  (BTW she was the only one at both Aaron and Erica's deaths so no wonder she's morning!)
  • Dane got promoted at work and chose the authors branch.
  • I replaced Duncan's angry lion hat with the hysterical tiger hat.  Seeing him in those hats cracks me up.
  • Isabel's sister Hannah comes to visit quite a bit and whenever I send the sims out she shows up.
  • Annabeth completed her 2nd aspiration the day before her birthday giving her a 1pt lead over Duncan.
  • Annabeth aged to teen her trait is neat and her aspiration is Angling Ace.
  • Hayes got a B in school.
  • Bills $4,095.
  • The 3 teens visited the new household Legacy Teens right away to meet them and learn their traits.
  • It was hard getting pics in that little house with 11 sims.
  • Isabel and Dane went on the 2 dates required for his aspiration.  The first one the bar was packed so it was hard to have them interact.  But they managed gold on both dates.  Now all he needs is to apologize when your spouse is angry.  I'm not looking forward to this one because it will require him to be mean to her.  I don't know how far their relationship will fall in order for her to be angry.
 I just thought this was cute.  Duncan, Hayes and Dane eating breakfast together.

 Hannah visiting the house again!  She's gotten kinda chunky.

 Annabeth working on her aspiration right away after aging to teen.

 Duncan, Hayes and Annabeth visit the Legacy Teens household.

 Duncan and Annabeth meet the different teens and discover their traits.

More teens came in the door and started dancing.
I left the walls down for this pic to show how crazy it was with so many sims.
 Isabel and Dane on their date.  It was a bit crowded.

 This date was less crowded.  Aren't they sweet?

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