Sunday, September 28, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Do We Have a Winner?

The competition between Duncan and Annabeth during this generation has been close.  Hayes has barely scored due to having sucky aspirations.  But I think I can say with only 1 day left until Duncan ages up that Annabeth will be heir.  She is 2 points ahead of him.  She still has several days before she ages up but I am still going to hook Duncan up with a girl and have them have babies.  Why?  Because Mom Isabel's aspiration is to have 4 grandchildren!  Instead of having Annabeth have 4 and have 4 kids fighting to be heir I thought it would be easier for Duncan to have 2 babies and then move them all out.  I already plan to move Hayes out when he ages up.  Poor Hayes, he didn't have a chance. 

Another thing.  On the EA bugs thread for sims disappearing they wanted to know: 1 when sims disappear 2 are they homeless 3 are they played or unplayed and 4 their age group.  So I decided to check every sim day.  Well... Under unplayed sims the only sims there are the ones in houses.  No townies.  One day I tried adding a family.  They disappeared the next day.  Checking every day makes me upset so I don't know how much longer I'll do it.  I don't have any answers to the questions they asked anyway.  I have no sims to disappear except the 4 families in houses!  Well, with that I'll give you your daily report:
  • I tried to have Dane make Isabel angry for his aspiration but her happy mood overpowered it and their relationship took a huge hit.  It took several sim hours to get them out of the red.
  • Annabeth completed the 1st part of her aspiration.
  • Duncan completed the 2nd part of his aspiration.
  • Hayes completed the 1st part of his aspiration but he's so far behind he's out of the race.
  • Duncan invited over Michelle Cardwell from the legacy teens house.  She was flirty so he started flirting right away.  They "messed around" in the rocketship then she went home.
  • Annabeth completed the 2nd part of her aspiration giving her a 2pt lead over Duncan.
  • Annabeth invited Bernard and Gabriel over.  I think Gabriel looks a lot like her brother but he has better traits than Bernard.  But Bernard has that cute ponytail.  *sigh* I don't know.  I guess whatever traits they get when they age up will determine who wins Annabeth.
  • Bills $4,224.
  • I gave up on Dane's aspiration.  It is just too hard to make Isabel angry in order for him to apologize.  Their relationship has turned red both times I have tried.
Duncan really hit it off with Michelle.
 They had their first kiss within minutes of her coming over.

 Annabeth sitting with Bernard and Gabriel, her 2 potential mates.

 Bernard and Gabriel ditched Annabeth to chat by the microscope.

 I thought this was cute.  Hayes, Duncan and Annabeth sitting on the couch together eating.

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