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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Junky Old Computer- Updated!

My computer is very old.  Somewhere around 10 years.  When I bought it it had the best of everything.  Ever since the hard drive got fried and I lost all information and had to replace the hard drive it hasn't worked right.  I've lived with the issues and worked around them.  It has gotten increasingly worse in the last year.  Lately it has decided to just shut down on me whenever it feels like it.  Yesterday it decided that it doesn't want me to play Sims 4 anymore.  Most of the time I can't even get past the loading screens.  I tried Sims 3 and it crashed too.  Not a surprise, Sims 3 always crashed on me.  So I have decided to take a break from the Marx Legacy, Roleplay Challenge and Runaway Teen Challenge.  Basically a break from Sims 4.  I wish I could just pick up where I left off on some of the Sims 3 challenges.  I might give it a try again.  If not I have The Sims 2 which I haven't really played but got free the week Origin was giving it away free.  I loaded that up and it didn't crash.  If you know of any other games that shouldn't crash my computer that are free let me know.  Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog.  I never expected it to get so popular.  I started writing it mostly for myself to keep track of my stories.  Hopefully a new computer will be coming soon and this post won't matter much.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Thank you all for reading my posts it means the world to me!

~Lacie aka Rainy

Update: When trying to determine the particular issue with the computer I realized that the monitor worked when plugged into the graphics card that is attached to the motherboard.  I have a huge honkin' graphics card that the monitor is usually plugged into and it usually doesn't work when plugged into the other monitor slot.  So I thought oh no I need a new graphics card.  I looked in device manager and it listed a different graphics card altogether than my nvidia one!  So we took the computer apart!  We removed the graphics card and found that it's fan was caked with dust.  After putting the graphics card back in and starting up the computer it now shows the correct graphics card in device manager!  How weird.  Then it pops up saying there is a new driver for my graphics card.  Soooo I played Sims 4 for about an hour last night and several hours this morning with no problems.  I think what happened is the graphics card was overheating and the computer was switching to the onboard graphics card which is a piece of crap.  Whew.  So that's my update!

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