Thursday, October 2, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- The Heir Takes Her Throne

I am so happy I am able to make this post.  After all of the computer problems I have been having I was thinking it would be a long time before I got to get any further in my legacy!  Some of the update is before the computer was working.  As I've noted below I had pictures of these events but lost them due to uninstalling The Sims 4 when I thought it was the only problem I was having.  But enough of that you want your update!  Here it is:
  • For several days this was daily life: Isabel paints, Dane writes books, Duncan gardens, Annabeth fishes and Hayes does whatever he wants to do.
  • Finally Duncan and Hayes aged up to young adults!  They both rolled the ambitious trait as their third.
  • They had a birthday party and invited Michelle, Gabriel and Bernard.  I had the three of them age up at the party too.  Michelle got active, Gabriel got perfectionist and Bernard got hot headed.  I decided that Gabriel had the better traits for Annabeth.  The birthday party only got a bronze.
  • The next day Hayes moved out of the house in in with his aunt Hannah.
  • Michelle and Gabriel moved in even though Annabeth is not a young adult yet I figured I could work on their relationship.
  • Unfortunately Gabriel has the Soulmate aspiration just like Dane!  Ugh!
  • I got Duncan the fertile reward from the reward store hoping he'll have twins.  Isabel needs grandbabies!
  • Duncan proposed to Michelle and they eloped.
  • Now all Isabel needs to complete her Big Happy Family aspiration is 4 grandchildren.
  • Michelle gets pregnant right away.
  • Gabriel got a job as an astronaut since I haven't had one of them yet.
  • Everything is breaking in the house and I have nobody to fix stuff.  Gabriel reads a handiness book in his spare time.
  • Hayes keeps visiting, it's like he never moved out.  LOL
  • Annabeth and Gabriel become best friends the day before her birthday.
  • Dane reached level 10 writing skill.
  • Gabriel finally got up to level 4 handiness and fixed all the broken electronics without getting shocked.
  • Michelle has twins!  Two boys: Case and Cole Marx.  (sorry I forgot to take a pic)
  • Duncan, Michelle, Case and Cole move out and in with their Aunt Hannah and brother Hayes.
  • Now Isabel has 2 of the 4 needed grandchildren.
  • Duncan makes a biography to memorialize both Isabel and Annabeth.
  • Annabeth ages up to young adult, finally.  Her last trait is romantic.
  • Gabriel wasted no time building up a romantic relationship and proposing.  Then they tried for a baby.  LOL  Annabeth got pregnant on the 1st try.
  • Bills $3,906.

 *** While trying to fix my computer I lost all of my screenshots sorry there are so few. ***

 Hayes visiting the house in his PJs.

 Michelle pregnant with the twins.  She didn't get very big.

 Gabriel and Annabeth's first kiss.

 Gabriel proposing to Annabeth.

Annabeth finding out she's pregnant!

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