Friday, October 3, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Ugh Twins Again!

Points: 47

What are the points all about you ask?  The legacy scoring is finally done.  I had to re-do my spreadsheet that I was keeping track of points with.  I've got a score of 47!  Yay!  I guess I could be disappointed in myself since I am on generation 8 and nearly done with my legacy but I'm pretty proud of my score.  My boys have been sick so I haven't played much today so this might be a little shorter than my usual posts.  Here is your update:
  • Once I read the scoring and realized that both the heir and their spouse had to be memorialized I had Isabel make a painting for Erica and Dane and Dane made a biography for Gabriel.  I lost 4 points for the other generations that I can't memorialize the spouse for.
  • Isabel ages to an elder.  It seems like as soon as I bring in a new generation the oldest become elders right away.
  • Annabeth has a baby girl named Riley Marx.
  • Annabeth becomes pregnant the next day after a few tries.
  • Dane becomes an elder.
  • Riley ages up to child.  Her trait is perfectionist.  Her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.
  • Riley was really lucky.  She aged up on a Friday night and had all day Saturday and Sunday to work on her aspiration before starting school on Monday.
  • Riley completed the first part of her aspiration.
  • Annabeth has twin girls!  Kaylyn and Kaylee Marx.  I was so shocked I had to step away from the computer for awhile!  3 kids competing for heir is difficult.
  • Isabel completed her Big Happy Family aspiration when the twins were born.  She chose Painter Extraordinaire as her 2nd.
 Annabeth in her 3rd trimester with Riley.

 My potions of youth.  The shelves are full now giving me 50 and 9 points!

 Isabel becomes an elder. 

 Annabeth discovers she's pregnant again...

 ...and gets morning sickness right away!

Dane becomes an elder.

 Gabriel holding Riley.

 Isabel making funny faces at Riley.

 Riley becomes a child!

 Riley, Isabel and Gabriel having some family time together.

 Riley completing part of her aspiration: play on jungle gym while playful.
I love the look on her face!

 Riley plays on the computer while Annabeth is shocked over the new twins.

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