Saturday, October 4, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- The Twins Age Up

Score: 47

This post was supposed to be backed with pictures of all of the remodeling I did on the house.  As you can tell by the pictures something happened.  When I was done I went to click live mode to save and the computer froze up.  I hadn't saved once during the entire remodel so I lost it all.  I doubt I'll end up remodeling again.  I'm just too frustrated.  So instead this will be a short post since most of my in-game time today was spent in build mode.
  • Having 7 sims in 1 household again is overwhelming even with 2 of them being babies.  The twins always seem to cry at the same time, it drives me nuts.
  • Riley computed the 2nd part of her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.
  • I tried making a graveyard but after putting out a few gravestones I realized they all had a blank space where the name should be.  When I undid the action and put them back in the inventory the names came back.  So no graveyard for this family.  Ghosts usually annoy me anyway.
  • Annabeth finally completed the 3rd part of her Angling Ace aspiration.
  • Isabel completed the 1st part of her new Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
  • Speaking of aspirations I realized I have no idea what I want to do with the aspiration points now that I'm not spending them all on potions of youth.  I would need to buy 30 more to get the last point and I don't think I could get that many with as few generations as I have left in the challenge.
  • Bills $3,973.
  • The twins finally age up!
  • Kaylyn's trait is self-assured and her aspiration is Whiz Kid.
  • Kaylee's trait is bookworm and her aspiration is also Whiz Kid.
  • It makes it much easier so far that the twins have the same aspiration.  They can work on it together.

 Annabeth and Dane take care of the twins while Riley plays games on the computer.

 Kaylyn and Kaylee finally age up!

 Kaylyn and Kaylee working on their aspiration.

 Gabriel's new work clothes, lol.

Riley playing on the monkey bars.

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