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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 6

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge 

The lucky and unlucky sims are the same as they were on day 5.  Kayla and Lexie.  Diana drank some coffee and doesn't go to bed when everyone else does.  She stays up chatting on the computer.
Yesterday she was sleeping on a bench outside.  I don't know what the deal is with her and not sleeping, lol.  Then Makayla wakes up to use the restroom and drinks some coffee too.  They all eat breakfast at 8 and then at 10 it's skills and chores time.  Kayla wants to weed the garden and since that's her chore I have her tend the garden until it's time to roll for today's activity.
Today's activity is skilling and working on aspirations.  Lexie digs up dig sites around the house.  Addyson writes a comedy routine.  Yesenia fishes.  Makayla writes a comedy routine too.  Julia works out on the treadmill.  Diana goes to work.  Kayla works on her charisma skill as it is one of her whims.  Ana makes a drink and then tends bar.
Kayla never did manage to get that point in charisma.  At dinnertime she wants to enthuse about a new show so she does to Lexie.
Kayla's plumbob doesn't look so good.  After dinner is freewill and most of the ladies head to bed.  At 11:00 I check their plumbobs.  Nobody has a red and there are only 2 green.  Tomorrow's lucky sim is Yesenia and the unlucky sim is Makayla.  Remember it was Makayla that woke up early and drank coffee.  Bad decision on her part.  Sorry there aren't more pictures but it was a fairly boring day and Kayla didn't have many whims to follow.

Day 6 Totals:
Kayla- 97 pts
Addyson- 81 pts
Yesenia- 76 pts
Lexie- 69 pts
Ana- 64 pts
Makayla- 60 pts
Diana- 51 pts
Julia- 34 pts

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