Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TS4 Runaway Teen Challenge- The End is Near

Post 1: Possible Runaway Teen Challenge 

I've been trying to think of a logical stopping point for this challenge.  Truthfully I'm getting a bit bored with it now that Lyla is an adult and all.  Every day is the same and it's hard to think of updates and pics for the blog.  I ended my TS3 challenge when her baby became a child but back then we had toddlers and all to deal with.  I had just felt that she had accomplished a lot and had a great family so there was no reason to keep going.  I was thinking of ending this one when Lyla completes her aspiration.  It's kind of like she has a home and family and has completed her lifetime wish.  Good ending point I think.  I'll probably start another Runaway Teen Challenge now that I've got the hang of it in the near future too.  It was my favorite challenge in TS3.

Cory gets to work on his Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  Lyla spends her day fishing while Rez watches culinary training videos since it's his day off and there's nothing to do.  Cory completed the 1st part of his aspiration and moves on to the next.
I've found the violin or piano is great to boost the creativity skill for long periods of time.  Cory goes to his 1st day of school the next day.  Lyla uses the treadmill daily before fishing but I don't see any difference.  Oh well.  She continues to fish every day.
Rez doesn't get his promotion when he goes back to work but he's close.  Cory completed the 2nd part of his aspiration.  Lyla reached fishing level 10.  Now all she needs is to finish fishing for 100 hours.  Rez is promoted the next day.  He's now level 7 of the culinary career.

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