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Sunday, October 19, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 5

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge 

Today Kayla is our lucky sim and Lexie is our unlucky sim.  We will follow Kayla's whims all day while Lexie gets stuck cleaning the house.  When I started up the game I was wondering why it wasn't going in super-speed while they were sleeping.  Then I realized Diana had been napping on a bench instead of sleeping.
Then Makayla and Julia woke up needing the bathroom so I didn't get any super-speed.  I'm sure they'll be tired later.  Kayla's 1st whim of the day was to play video games for an hour.
After Diana peed herself I realized that 2 of the 3 toilets were broken.  I just replaced them instead of waiting for Lexie to fix them.  Next Kayla wanted to find a collectable.  So I sent her to the little neighborhood park and she dug up a My Sims trophy.
After that she wanted to get to know Ana.  Ana has no chore today but to tend the bar so off she goes.
After awhile of chatting with Ana Julia comes to sit down next to Kayla and Kayla gets the whim to be friends with Julia.
She chats her up until they are friends.  Then it's time for the activity of the day.  I rolled visit the park in Willow Creek.  So off they all went.  Kayla's newest whim is to be mean to a child.  Ugh I don't like the hates children trait.
That poor little girl looks so sad.  Then she wants to get to know Ana again.  The conversation with the child left her in an angry mood and you can tell in this next pic.
Just when it was time to leave the park Julia passes out.  I knew she was going to have a hard time today since she was up so early.
Once home they eat dinner that Diana cooked earlier and are on free will until 11:00 when I check their plumbobs, aspiration points and skills earned.  Tomorrow's lucky and unlucky sims will be the same as today.  Kayla takes the top with the only green plumbob while Lexie takes the bottom with the only red one!

Day 5 Scores:
1. Lexie- 55pts
2. Addyson- 67pts
3. Yesenia- 59pts
4. Makayla- 54pts
5. Julia- 29pts
6. Diana- 45pts
7. Kayla- 88pts
8. Ana- 55pts

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