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Saturday, April 18, 2015

TS4 Clone/Mooch Challenge- Mission Complete

Chapter 15


 We start week 8 off with Cameron aging up the twins.  Here's Willow she's an Artistic Prodigy and creative.

And here's William he's a Rambunctious Scamp and active.

Switch back to Trinity and she comes to see her kids and husband.

A little whoohoo and then it's back to making simoleans so they can have their own home.

  • On Tuesday at 2am Trinity hit the $300,000 mark!
  • On Thursday at 6am she hit the $350,000 mark.  I'm not sure how much to save up.
 Oh my gosh Cameron catches fire!  No sprinklers outside, I freak out!

Luckily I got Trinity to extinguish the flames, whew.

  • After the fire Trinity leaves and goes next door because everything is broken in the house.  It appears that the elderly mother next door died.  I hadn't realized that much time had gone by.
 Yes, that's right, another fire.  This time the sprinklers save her before Trinity can.  Now Trinity is tense for 24 hours.

  • I decide to look at houses marked #mansionbaron and find one for 360,000... Trinity has a little over 380,000!
 Mission complete.  Trinity completed the challenge.  Now to add up her score...

18 pts for 9 friends
100pts in aspirations completed
54 pts skills gained
-52 points in days taken to complete the challenge
Total score: 120 points!

The family moves in!  Keira moved in too but she somehow got into the house before I could take a pic.

Here's Keira telling a joke to her step-mom.

  • Trinity spends the last night of week 8 painting out of habit.

  I got them a new house (legacy family home by ruthless_kk) and got back $133,000!

  • Trinity joins the painter career and Cameron quits his career to work on his aspiration.
 William plays on the jungle gym while playful for his aspiration.

Trinity paints as her daily work task and Cameron writes books for his aspiration.

  • On the same morning Trinity and Cameron both rolled try for baby.  I say hell no.  LOL  Just thought it was funny it was the same morning.
  • I decide now that the challenge is over to change to normal lifespan.  I'm mostly still playing because I want to save the kids to my gallery when they become young adults.

Keira's becoming a teen!

Just like a teen, checking her phone.  She's got the bestselling author aspiration and is creative like her Dad.

Chapter 16 coming soon...

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