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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TS2 My Introduction To Sims 2

Most of you already know why I decided to take a break from Sims 4.  First, when you play rotationally the game assigns romantic relationships to sims.  So I might look at a married sims relationship panel and see he's having affairs with 4 other sims.  This bugged the heck out of me but I sucked it up and dealt with it.  But then it started making parents romantic interests of their children!  First a teen boy and his mom and then a child girl and her mom!  I just can't handle that.  In addition to the incest thing there is how sims are disappearing from the family trees and how they lowered the chance of alien abduction to practically nil.  Okay, stepping off my soapbox now.  So I was thinking I want a break from Sims 4 and I didn't want to go back to Sims 3 because I'm still mad about my saves getting corrupted and losing all my games.  So I went on Mod The Sims, which still has a Sims 2 area of their forums, and I asked "What's so great about Sims 2?"  I got a huge response!  Not only did they tell me all about the game but they told me what not to do to avoid ruining the game and what mods would help me with it.  Then once I started playing they answered all my newb questions.  What a great community!  The thread is here.  So I'm going to attempt to document my adventures with Sims 2 so far:

I made a woman and a cat.  Raina Marx (yes like my legacy) and Whiskers.  I did the building tutorials and actually built this house myself.  Aren't you proud?

Here's Raina up close, sorry bout the UI I forgot to hit TAB.

Here's the shot the game took when I made them.

She met Toby and wanted to be friends with him then best friends and I decided to have them dance and this is what happened.  I was so excited!  So Raina and Toby got married and she got pregnant.

Then baby Rhys was born.  Raina carried him around the house and fed him bottles.  They would play with him and change his diapers on the changing table.  He was so cute and I was just amazed!

Then Rhys aged up to Toddler.  (yes toddler!)  He actually learned adult skills from playing with his toys.  He got baths in the bathtub, it's so cool.  

One day Raina and Toby had made snowmen and a penguin came along!  

Raina's aspiration meter got low when the cat refused her play and that was one of her fears so this doctor came.

One day the matchmaker (I think) ran up onto the porch and gave Raina a genie lamp!  She wished for fortune and got 2 bags 20,000 each.  Rhys was a child and wished for something like happiness and got a platinum aspiration meter for life!

When Rhys aged to teen I wanted him to have a girlfriend so I made the Myers family and plopped them next door.  I was flummoxed on how on earth I would get them to meet each other but the first day that Sierra went to school she brought Rhys home!

Sierra and Rhys were like love at first sight.  All their wants were about each other.  Their fears were about the other too.  I played them both one day Rhys and then the next Sierra until they went to university.

I only got 2 shots at University.  I know, I'm loosing my touch.  Here they are studying together.

I actually posed this one.  Rhys is waving but now that I look at it it looks goofy, lol.

They got out of college and moved into a home together.  They got married the first day.

I actually made the mistake of having Sierra initiate the marriage so until I figure out how to change it their last name is Myers.

It took several tries to get Sierra pregnant.  I thought this was cute, Rhys came home from work and was all over Sierra.

Pic out of order... Sierra wanted to restore a car.  Then after she finished it she wanted to restore a car again so I sold the finished one and there's a new junker out front.

And for the finale!  Twins!  David and Jimmy.

(Sorry about the small pics, I'm going to have to find a different way to take screenshots for this game, also sorry about the walls being down and the plumbobs showing eek I'm losing my touch!)


  1. I love Sims 2! And I've always found Sims 2 simmers to be very helpful.

  2. Eh, you were all excited, too busy learning the game to fuss with pics. It happens. Twins, huh. You're gonna need more help.

    There's a couple of ways to change the last name, which involve editing tools. We've already bent your ear about them so do your research and decide what you want to download. To change a last name in SimPE, all you have to do is open the sim data and overwrite the last name - one field each. Then to change the household name you open the family data and overwrite the household name - again, one field. Of course, you have to navigate to that field and you may hyperventilate the first time you open it - SimPE does a lot of different things and is scary to look at. But you'll do fine.

    And yes, Sims2 has many, many wonderful things you didn't know you were missing in the later versions. You are a long way from done squeeing.

    1. Yes twins and they want more already! I'll have to look into SimPE, right now I just have the plant that does everything. (totally forget it's name)

  3. Glad you are having so much fun.


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