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Thursday, April 16, 2015

TS4 Clone/Whim Challenge- Full House

Chapter 13


 Trinity starts week 8 off following her first whim of the day: cook a meal.

I used cheats and promoted Franklin back to doctor.  It's not fair that he was a doctor when they met and then down to level 1 when they got married.

Trinity was tense and had the whim to go to Granite Falls so here they are!

A little fun outdoors.

This stupid bear got Trinity super tense by growling at her!

After they got home one of the kids set the chemistry table on fire!  Of course this made Trinity tense until after she put out the fire then she was confident.  Poor thing is always tense these days.

  • There it is again: Try for baby with Franklin.  I figure oh why not?  So she's pregnant again.
  • Trinity completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
 Chloe feels the baby.  I love it when I catch sims doing this.

It's a girl Casey and look a ghost works at the hospital!

What a way to finish off week 8.


  • Trinity quit her job as a doctor.  She managed to get to level 7 but she had the whole time she was working that she wasn't working on whims and aspirations.  
  • With a baby that never seems to stop crying already Trinity rolls the whim to try for baby again!  I pin it.
 Trinity works on the Bestselling Author aspiration while baby Casey sleeps.

They try for baby and part of me hopes it will be negative but it's positive.  She's pregnant for the LAST time.

Calvin is Trinity's favorite.  At first she had whims for all the kids, now it's only Calvin.  I wonder how Casey and the baby will affect that.

It's a boy, Cameron.  Now they have a full house and no more trying for baby!
(The next day Franklin had the try for baby whim.)


  • Satisfaction points- 26,680

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