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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TS4 Clone/Mooch Challenge- Bending the Rules

Chapter 12


 Trinity starts her week off at the park eloping with Cameron!

Even though they can't live together  I thought there's no reason they can't get married.

  • Trinity goes back to Cameron's house and starts the write book and paint cycle.
  • She gets level 10 painting skill.
  • She completes the Bestselling Author aspiration!
 I was thinking about the no baby rule.  It's because the baby wouldn't have a house to live in.  But, I decided to bend that rule a bit.  Trinity and Cameron can have a baby and it can live with Cameron until the house is ready.

I cheated again and replaced Cameron's house so there'll be plenty of room.  This is the house the Jones family lives in in my rotational story.  It's called Latius by sturmankrief.

  • I wanted Trinity to spend her pregnancy with the ghosts but they don't have an easel and I'm trying to complete the painting aspiration.  So she goes next door to Cameron instead.
  • Trinity makes friends with the grandmother.
 Trinity's in her 3rd trimester still painting away in her pjs.

  • She completes the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration!
  • She switches to the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.
  • She gets the hardly hungry and never weary traits.
Twins!  A girl, Willow and a boy, William.

The babies on the empty lot before I transfer them to Cameron's.

I almost cried transfering the babies but seeing both the parents run to them as soon as Trinity got in the house was great.

  •  After several days at Cameron's basically doing nothing but taking care of the babies Trinity leaves.  It was hard but she needs to make the simoleans to get a house so she can be with her husband and kids!
  • She spends the day at the museum, eats a hotdog at the picnic tables and sees Cameron there and then goes to the old Pancake house where mother and son townies live.
 For some reason the mother wasn't there the whole time that Trinity was there so Cornelius followed Trinity around.  Probly starved for social.

  • Trinity finishes off the week at Cornelius's house.  She's now getting $4,000 a day in book royalties and has saved up $276,006!

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