Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TS4 Clone/Obesity Challenge- Short Update

Chapter 11


 Trinity starts off week 6 playing with her new daughter Rachael.

Josh practices piano for work.  He's doing quite well and is fairly high in the musical career now.

After a few days of not getting a promotion Trinity starts mentoring at the gym on her days off.  She doesn't have time on the days she works.

  • Trinity was promoted to Bodybuilder level 7.

  Rachael ages up.  She did have Trinity's haircolor but it looked horrible with the purple skin.  She has beautiful green eyes.  It took me forever to pick out a shirt for her, everything clashed with her skin.  She's a rambunctious scamp and active.

Rachael goes to the park to work on her aspiration.

  • Trinity continues mentoring fitness on her days off and I hate it.  Most of the time as soon as she starts the person stops exercising.  When they don't it builds their relationship so now she has all these friends that come to the house standing outside constantly.  And a couple times she's gone to the gym and nobody was exercising just standing around talking or dancing.
  • Despite all this Trinity gets promoted again this time to "trainer for the stars" (bodybuilder level 8).
  • Both Trinity and Josh keep getting the whim to try for baby... I really like their house and there's not room for another kid in it so I have to think whether they will or not.
Trinity's new work outfit is disappointing.  I think it's the uglyist one yet.
(And the guitar is outside so Josh can play while Trinity sleeps, lol)
  • Sorry this was so short.  She did get 2 promotions which is exciting but other than that not much happened.  
Chapter 12

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