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Monday, April 13, 2015

TS4 Clone/Whim- Not Again!

Chapter 10


 Trinity starts off week 6 painting because she has the whim to increase her painting skill.  I feel like I'm playing the mooch clone because she paints all the time too.

Thank goodness Caiden aged up because the other two are driving me crazy!

  • This house is not working!  Caiden can't sleep because of the babies crying.  The parents can't sleep because Caiden keeps turning on the tv since their bedroom is also the living room and kitchen.
 I found this house by my favorite creater ruthless_kk.  It's called "Southwestern Suburban".  It should have more than enough room and there's $14,000 left for Trinity's buying whims.

  • Eek moving houses glitched the babies!  They never cry so I have no idea when to feed them.  Calvin is always awake and Cosmo is always asleep.
  • OMG Trinity wants to try for baby again!  Aaaaand she's pregnant.
 Yay Calvin ages up.  He's an artistic prodigy and art lover.

  • Trinity was promoted to Doctor level 7.  (btw her going to work fixed the baby glitch)
 Awe look at her face.  It's like Nooo not again!

It's finally a girl after 3 boys (one of them an alien).  Her name is Chloe Calvert.

  • Most of Trinity's whims now involve talking to her family.

  Cosmo finally aged up!  Here he is without a disguise.

And with a disguise.  He is a genius and whiz kid.

  • Trinity had try for baby again!  I've decided to leave it and hope it goes away.  (It did)
  • Trinity reached cooking level 10.
  • I really hate the flirt with so and so whims.  I don't even know who these guys are, must be patients.  So I have to ignore them and leave them until they go away.  Meanwhile they're taking up space of whims she could be doing.

Nooo not again!  Just kidding, it's Trinity this time and no pregnancy resulted.

  • Trinity maxxed her painting skill.  She only needs one more masterpiece to complete the aspiration.
 Chloe ages up.  No more babies!  She's a social butterfly and outgoing.


  • Trinity's satisfaction points so far: 18,240.

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