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Monday, April 13, 2015

TS4 Clone/Mooch Challenge- Makin' Bank

Chapter 9


 Trinity starts her week off playing for tips.  She didn't do very well, I'm starting to think it's not worth it.

That night Trinity crashes with the ghosts.

  • Trinity got the Creative Visionary and Savant traits.
  • Trinity reaches writing level 10.
 After 4 1/2 days with the ghosts Trinity leaves because everything is broken and she has 8 books to publish.

Look who shows up while she's publishing books!  She gives him a suave kiss and they go back to his house.

Later that night Trinity brings Cameron out to the gazebo to propose.

  • Trinity spent the rest of the week writing books and painting at Cameron's house.  Until, like the ghosts house, everything was broken.

  • Next she went to the house next door, where the little girl was missing last time she went there.  I want to see if she's there this time.

  She's there!  The little girl is alive!  Hehe.

The little girl, Terri, and her grandmother, Ariel chat with Trinity while she paints.

  • Once again a bunch of stuff gets broken after like 3-4 days and Trinity leaves.  She goes to the museum to view art and paint first.
 While she's at the museum Cameron's daughters show up and Trinity makes friends with both of them.  Then later when she's about to leave Cameron walks by.  Mabye it's the tux but she gets the whim "Get married to Cameron".  Oh my, I see a pattern with these Trinity clones!  I pinned it for later anyway. :)

  • That night she goes to the old Pancakes house.  It has a mother and son townie living there.  She finishes out the week there painting and writing books.
  • She's now making ~3,600 a day in book royalties and has $80,225 saved.
  • Sorry there's not more pictures, not much exciting happened.

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