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Sunday, April 12, 2015

TS4 Clone/Obesity Challenge- Bodybuilder

Chapter 8

 We start this Trinity's week off going to work as a personal trainer.

She spends most of her time after work trying to increase her fitness skill.  Her and Josh work opposite hours so they don't see each other much.

  • Trinity reaches her "maximum body potential".  Yay no more salads!
 Josh proposes to Trinity.  I figured they're living together and they both want to be married.

They decide to elope immediately.

She looks so cute here.  Wow what a shine on that ring.

  • Trinity reaches level 8 fitness skill.
On Trinity's day off she mentors at the gym.  She doesn't have the time on days she works.

  • Trinity was promoted Professional Bodybuilder.
Check out the new weight machine.
  • After less than a week married Trinity rolls the whim to "Try for baby with Josh".  I can't decide if I want them to have a baby yet or not.
  • Josh rolled the "Try for baby with Trinity" whim like 4 days after Trinity.  I had figured if both get it I would have them try for baby but if not I'd wait for him to get it.  Never thought he would anytime soon.  Sheesh.  So they did it and the whoohoo looked different there were like fireworks or sparks or something.  Must be because he's an alien.  So yes, she's pregnant with his little alien baby. 
Pregnancy doesn't stop Trinity from trying to get her next promotion.
It's a girl, Rachel Redd.  Josh is running around the hospital like a maniac, it's hilarious.

  • Just in time for the week to end Trinity gets level 10 fitness skill and completes the Bodybuilder aspiration.  She's level 6 in her career so there's still that to work towards.

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