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Saturday, April 11, 2015

TS4 Clone/Whim Challenge- That Was Unexpected

Chapter 7

 A perfect way to start off week 4, Trinity rummaging through the trash instead of working.

Among others, Trinity is doing the Soulmate aspiration.  Her next step is to be married to her best friend.  She's been best friend's and soulmates with Franklin for awhile now.  So it's time to get married!

She doesn't have the simoleans to pay for a party since she keeps getting whims to buy stuff but she has this wedding arch she wanted in like week 1.

Yay they're married!  Now I can change his clothes, lol.

  • That was quick.  I'm shocked, the next day she rolled to whim to try for baby and now she's pregnant!  I hardly ever see that whim in normal gameplay.
 This is what the house looks like.  Or looked like before I added an addition for the baby's room.  My last whim challenge was like this too, stuff just all over the place.

Trinity goes on her 1st housecall.  It will be her last unless I figure out how to get back to the hospital.  Once she was finished she spent the rest of her workday basically mooching off this family.  But it didn't keep her from getting a promotion!

It's a boy, Caiden Calvert.

  • Shockingly the next morning she rolled the try for baby whim again and is pregnant, omg!

  It's a boy, Calvin Calvert.  Don't mind Franklin in his swim trunks, hehe.

 Because of those meds they give the sim when they have a baby she spent the whole night painting in her smock.

While Trinity paints Franklin gets abducted by aliens!  He got a dazed "zapped and Jolted" moodlet.  Then he had sparkles in his belly and I knew he was pregnant.  This is just crazy!

Why aren't they at the hospital you ask?  Because they went to the hospital, checked in and sat there almost the entire day with nothing happening.  Finally I sent them home where almost instantly a bassinet appeared and little Cosmo Calvert (another boy) was born.

It's time to age up Caiden but I wanted to get a shot of the 3 brothers all lined up first.

Caiden ages up sad about his siblings.  He has beautiful blue eyes.

  • Once again I forgot to write down Trinity's satisfaction points.  I know it's over 10,000.
Chapter 8


  1. OMG. And that was frustrating, being at the hospital all day with nothing happening.

    1. It was. I realized when I left that the doctor was gone, I think that had something to do with it. I've had a couple births since then on other sims with no problem so beats me. I got little Cosmo, as long as I don't get another alien baby I'll be okay!


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