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Friday, April 10, 2015

TS4 Clone/Mooch Challenge- House Hopping

Chapter 6

Let me just start out by saying house hopping is hard!  Especially when you don't know what's in any of the houses.  I went to several, finding nothing of use and leaving.  Then I remembered someone on the forums saying that the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house was a good one.  Well darned if it wasn't empty.  So I found a girl on the gallery, Shimigami by zombiepanda26, gave her a mother and daughter and hopped in.

Trinity gets started right away with book writing.

On the third day she switches to painting because book writing is tedious and this family is boring.  Well, other than the fact that the little girl seems to have disappeared.  I haven't seen her since the first day!

The next day she practices piano.  One of these days when her skill is high enough I'll have her play for tips.

The little girl is still missing days later and all the other 2 do is sleep.  There's tons of beds in the house and they sleep in this one together.

Finally she decides to leave the boring house, mabye the little girl will come back.  So she goes to the museum but gets hungry and who happens to be sitting next to the only food?  Cameron from the Aliens house!  They chat and become friends.

  • She crashes that night at Garden Essence.  The sims are Roomies by SimsBeCrazy.  She spent the night, wrote one book and left for the museum to paint again.
  • She goes to Yuma Heights that night which has a townie family living in it.  It has a piano, 2 computers and tons of beds so we're good.

  Trinity goes back to the Aliens household.  Out of habit of following her whims from the whim challenge she uses a bold pickup line on Cameron.  Instantly he's very flirty.

He looks so shocked that she kissed him.  After that Sandra, the one sister, came in so Trinity went out and painted flirty paintings the rest of the day.

  • She gets the whim to have Cameron as her boyfriend.  But he's supposedly engaged to Elaina so I don't know what to do.
 The next day she's writing a book and Cameron is flirting with her.

Between writing books Trinity makes friends with one of Cameron's daughters.  The other one is invisible.  Literally, Trinity has talked to her and it's like she's talking to air.  I need to switch over to that family and fix her somehow.

Eileen, an alien herself, gets abducted by aliens twice!

  • I switch over to the family and boom the girl is visible.  Dunno what was wrong.  So while I'm there I check Cameron's relationships.  Eileen is supposed to be his fiance.  They have 2 kids together but the relationship status is impartial and barely a sliver of green!
 After finding out she's not a man-stealer Trinity asks Cameron to be her boyfriend and they whoohoo to celebrate!

A couple days later Eileen catches fire.  The sprinklers saved her.


  • Trinity has 26,379 saved so far and is making approximately 1,000 a day on book royalties.

Chapter 7


  1. Impressive savings, there, Trinity!

    1. Goes to show she's doing more than just flirting with Cameron, lol.


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