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Friday, April 10, 2015

TS4 Clone/Obesity Challenge- My Boyfriend's A What?!

Chapter 5

 Trinity starts week 2 off exercising.  No surprise there.

She talks to the guy that was boxing next to her.  Trust me he looks better in his workout clothes.

On her day off Trinity was going to invite Josh (from the gym) to the house but it says he's already there.  I look and he's walking by the house.

  • Got Trinity the Gymrat trait
 The next day Josh comes over to the house flirty and Trinity takes advantage.  They flirt some more and he starts glowing pink!  She discovers he's an alien.  She doesn't seem to care and he doesn't seem to get the embarassed moodlet I've seen aliens get.  This is too cool!  She asks him to be her boyfriend.

This is what Trinity's work clothes look like after a promotion!  I laughed so hard.

  • Trinity finished the 3rd milestone in her aspiration.

Another promotion.  I like this uniform.

Trinity has the day off so she asks Josh on a date.  She gets a gold.

After the date is over she asks him to move in.   Why not?  They are soulmates after all.

Yikes he's an ugly alien!  Put the disguise back on!

I decide to buy a treadmill for Trinity and a guitar for Josh.  He's level 5 in the musical career.

  • Josh rolled the whim "Get married to Trinity."  I pinned it.
  • Trinity got a promotion to level 5- personal trainer.

 Trinity mentors Josh.  She has to mentor for her job now.  Ugh.

  • Trinity rolled the whim "Get married to Josh".  I pinned that one too.  :)
 Since Josh brought in some money when he moved in I got a little bit bigger house.
(Perfect Cottage by audrey7621)


  1. Go, Trinity! I like that Gym Rat reward.

    1. I also got her the reward that's supposed to make her get promotions faster but I forgot the name of it and didn't write it down.

  2. "Yikes he's an ugly alien! Put the disguise back on!" LOL

    1. LMAO That happened in one of my other challenges too. The kid came out ugly as heck and I'm like where's the disguise!?!


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