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Friday, April 10, 2015

TS4 Clone/Whim Challenge- What the Whim's Going On Here?

Chapter 4

Trinity's week starts with giving her fiance Franklin a kiss at work.  She does this every day.

She takes a break from work to rummage in the trash.  I try to follow her whims even at work.  She got promoted despite her dumpster diving!

  • Trinity wanted to buy a wedding arch so I put one at the back of the lot.
 She keeps getting woodworking whims since she's working on the nerd brain aspiration.

Trinity gets an illness it just gets a playful "giggly" moodlet.  It lasts like 3 hours and goes away.

Trinity goes back to work after being promoted and Franklin is working the front desk!  Could he have gotten demoted because of the office romance?

Not only does he take out her trash and clean her shower, he plays chess with her when she has the whim to win a chess game.

Franklin spends the night and the next day they become best friends.


Trinity get the whim to buy an observatory.  It looks so funny next to the house.

  • Trinity was promoted to Doctor level 5 (assistant nurse)
 Trinity performs her first surgery.  It was unsuccessful.  The irony is the same girl came in the next day and Trinity did another unsuccessful surgery.  They have a negative relationship, lol.

They work together, they practically live together, they're engaged and yet she hardly gets any whims regarding Franklin.  But no worries.  I have a plan.  I wish I would have thought of it sooner.



  1. I love the giggles, what a great illness! I like the lovesickness one too :D Did she take a nice selfie when she was sick? I love making them take pictures of their stripes or spots, etc. Anyhow, Trinity is doing really well! Good for her!

    1. I keep forgetting about selfie's and photography. I haven't seen lovesickness yet. Mabye that's what the girl has that I keep misdiagnosing and giving surgery! LOL


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