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Thursday, April 9, 2015

TS4 Clone/Mooch Challenge- Well Hello Baby

Welcome to the third rendering of Trinity!  She's doing the Mooch Off Your Neighbor Challenge.  But before I could start the game I hit a huge snag.  When I tried to click Trinity to go to her it took me back to the choose your neighborhoods screen.  I tried deleting the file and starting over, no go still can't access Trinity.  I tried an old save that I don't play, can't access that sim.  I freaked out!  I found a thread on the forums (can't seem to find it again to link it) that had some stuff to try.  Tried it all with no results.  Then I found this post on the bug forums by Crinrict and taking out the autosave file from my saves worked.  Whew!

Sooo the Mooch of Your Neighbor Challenge is different than any other challenge I've ever done.  You live with your neighbors, use their stuff, eat their food, ect while you try to save up for your own mansion.  The challenge ends when you complete the mansion baron aspiration.  Normally you would be living with the EA pre-mades but I asked the challenge creator if I could replace them with gallery sims and they said yes.  So you'll see some interesting sims along the way.

  • Trinity's first stop is Oakenstead.  This household is called Aliens!!! created by  icecreamontoast.  They are sisters who are aliens and the human finance of one of the sisters who was abducted by aliens.  The engaged sister and the fiance are pregnant.
 She starts off using their computer.  I was going to work on the computer whiz aspiration that she started with but for some reason it wasn't counting the hours that she played.  She played half the day before I realized this.

Here's the family she's staying with.

After realizing that the gaming isn't counting I switch her to the painter aspiration and have her paint instead.

  • So the woman goes into labor the next day.  I have Trinity play piano because I want to see the birth.  She keeps dropping bassinets all over the place.  After half the day and like 8 bassinets I switch over to that family and have her have baby.  I got to name her Elissa Monroe.
  • The next day the husband goes into labor, same thing.  After he dropped the 2nd bassinet I switched over and he had another girl Kiera Caliente.

 Here's Trinity with the first baby when I switched back she was holding her, how cute!

Here's the father, who Trinity is thinking of stealing from the alien fiance, with both babies.

  • The babies almost got taken away!  Everyone was sleeping and a thing popped up saying they were very hungry.  I had Trinity run down and feed them.  I decided it's best if she's not in the house again until they age up.  Also afraid she might steal Cameron from his fiance!  She goes and practices piano at the nightclub, then she went to the museum.
 Trinity paints at the museum until she's hungry and tired.  Now it's time to find another household to mooch off of.

The next house is Affalusa Mansion owned by 2 ghosts.  They're in the gallery under ghost by Ktee73.

They have no piano or easel so she starts writing books.

Gabriella, the ghost, is her first friend.  She talks to Trinity while she writes.

Then she makes friends with Aniken.  I think they like having her there.

Trinity goes home to her empty lot after the week is over to publish her 7 books and save on the lot.  She had an eventful week!


  1. Interesting challenge. I guess as long as you have the Always Welcome reward trait, you could do pretty well mooching. It seems like it would be easier than starting with nothing and not mooching.

    1. I hadn't thought of Always Welcome. It seems like the sims just don't care that she's there. They cook and she eats their food, she sleeps in their beds and they're just like okay make yourself at home. LOL

    2. Ha! Well, that's interesting that they don't really mind. I had to get "Always Welcome" for one of my legacy sims, Cassandra, because she hadn't made any friends and when she first invited herself to some strangers' house to find a husband, they didn't like her being there because they didn't know her. I wonder if it has changed, or if Trinity is just friendlier/makes friends more easily.

    3. No clue, I just thought it was Sims 4 or something, lol.

  2. Wow, I've never tried this type of challenge in Sims 4, but it looks fun! I'm glad you were able to get your girl back by restoring a back-up!!

    1. I'm glad I got her back too. It took about 2 hours of troubleshooting and cursing at the computer!

  3. what is mooching and how does it work? let me know ...
    im interested in the whims challenge!! gasp! :)

    1. Basically you live with your neighbors. You only go home once a week to pay the bills and publish books if you wrote any. You eat their food and sleep in their beds meanwhile saving up the simoleans for your own mansion. The goal of the challenge is to complete the mansion baron aspiration while never living on your own lot.

      The whims challenge is a lot of fun and frustrating at the same time. Hoping a specific whim will pop up drives me crazy! I did that challenge once before and loved it which is why I chose to do it again.


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