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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TS4 Clone/Obesity Challenge- My How You Have Changed

This rendering of Trinity is doing the Beat Obesity Challenge.  For more information on the challenge the thread is here.  Basically you take a sim and put the sliders all the way up so that they're as big as they can get.  Then you give them the lazy and glutton traits.  You give them the Bodybuilder aspiration and they have to complete the aspiration.  I added on that she also has to get to the top of the athletic career.

We'll start off with Trinity miserable, because she's lazy, running on the treadmill.  She doesn't work for 3 days, I have no clue what she'll do other than exercise.

  • When she gets home I remove the stove.  Only salads for this Trinity.
  • I find myself following her whims out of habit from just playing the whim challenge Trinity.
 Trinity One (from the Whim challenge) got uncomfortable swimming.  I can't keep this one out of the pool even after she gets uncomfortable.

Four days went by with nothing of note happening.  But is it just me or is she much thinner?

She meets this guy and when she asks about his career it says he's a trainer at the gym!  Weird.

I used up all her money buying exercise equipment for her aspiration.  Then I sold it back.  Why?  Because it's ALL her money and because I like the dynamic of going to the gym.

Turns out the trainer (in the hoodie) is evil.  She was talking to him and he just started screaming at her.  Mabye she needs to check out the other gym.

Ick the trainer in Willow Creek is a dawg!

So her week is over.  She's already skinny!  Good thing she also has to complete her aspiration and get to the top of her career or this would be a short challenge!

Week 1- Finished 2 milestones in aspiration and level 2 in career.


  1. I've noticed since they tweaked the ease with which sims gain weight, back in the fall sometime, that they can get thin or muscular pretty quickly. This sounds like quite a challenge, with her traits though.

    1. Yea well I was shocked at how fast she got skinny! All she can eat is salad but she drinks from the fridge constantly, I'm assuming that's her glutton trait. She gets uncomfortable like the second she starts exercising but I just ignore it. She has to exercise forever for work every day. It's gonna be getting to the top of the career that'll be the challenge I think. But we'll see.

  2. Wow, she lost weight pretty successfully! Good job :D

    1. LOL A little too fast if you ask me. But that was all she was doing too so I don't know.


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