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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TS4 Clone/Whim Challenge- Hot and Heavy Already

As you might know this is my second time doing the Whim challenge.  For more information on the rules and game-play of the challenge visit here: Whims and Sims.  Basically you want to get as many satisfaction points as you can by following the whims of your sim and doing aspirations.  You also have to keep your sim in a good mood, so you get minus points for being uncomfortable, ect.  I am doing all 3 of the challenges on long so in the case of this challenge I start off with less points.  As stated in the first post for the Clone challenge this Trinity is a serial romantic and a doctor.  So here we go...

Trinity had the whim to go to the library and she wants to play chess but the chess table is taken.  She's just staring at the sims playing chess.  Also, I noticed a sim with the title "librarian", when did that happen?

  • This is going to be difficult.  When she got home she went swimming then got an uncomfortable moodlet from exercise!  I lose points when she's uncomfortable darnit.
 Today is Trinity's first day at work.  So far no work related whims.  This should be interesting since my sim didn't work last time I did this challenge.

The next day she has the whim to kiss someone so she kisses the doctor!  I wonder if that's why she got promoted?

Late at night she wants to make a friend so she grabs this poor jogger and talks to her until they're friends.

The next day Trinity wants to take a vacation day from work and go to the library.  Guess who's at the library?  The doctor!  She gets a whim to cloudgaze with him and I look and there he is next to her.  Mabye I shouldn't have made her a serial romantic?  This seems like fate.

I had to leave the walls down for this pic since the house is so small.  Trinity caught on fire cooking!  I put sprinklers in when I bought the house so hopefully they will work.

Yay they worked!

The next day she asks Franklin (the doctor) on a date and asks him to be her boyfriend.

OMG she rolled the whim "be engaged to Franklin"!

  • I've re-read the rules for the challenge and nothing says she has to complete her original aspiration.  It says she has to complete a aspiration but not the starting one.  So bye bye serial romantic.  I also learned I can switch aspirations as much as I want.  I'd forgotten about that!
 She's been eating a lot of garden salads since she almost burned to death.  My gosh look at her face!  Gotta love gluttons.

After work Franklin shows up.  I extend the house to fit a bigger bed so they can whoohoo.  And look he's got the top to her pj bottoms!  So cute.  When they were at work the first thing she did was go kiss him.  I think I'm going to like seeing where this goes.

  • 1 week- Satisfaction points 1,930

Chapter 2


  1. LOL! I love the picture after the fire, but I'm glad to know the sprinklers worked. I have added them to many homes but I've never had an opportunity to test them. The only fire I had at a house was out in the yard! LOL

    1. I've heard of them not working so I was freaking out!


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