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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TS2- Teen Dream Challenge From Start to Finish

Chapter 6

Last we saw Marcus he had aged to teen and moved out of his parents house to try out the teen dream of living on his own.  For more info/points check out the Teenage Dream thread on the Mod the Sims forums.

The house is build according to rules and I had no clue what to do next.  Then I remembered school and had him walk to his first day of high-school.

 When he gets home he checks the newspaper and gets a job in the culinary career. +5

 I couldn't get his fun up with the crappy tv so out of desperation I bought him a dart board.  Shortly after though my computer froze up and I lost that whole day... I decided instead to buy a table and chair for the "Mr. Humble" computer. (Hopefully this wasn't cheating.)

 Marcus saw a lot of the social bunny in this challenge.
It's actually the first time I've seen him in the game!

Marcus got a D in school. -20 points But got it up to an A by the end of the challenge. +10
Finally some luck!  I was getting so frustrated I almost quit the challenge and then Marcus met Gwen chatting online and invited her over.  I know the points say "kissing on the couch" but I couldn't figure out how.  +3 kiss, +5 crush, +10 girlfriend

 The next night after work Violet walks by the house and they hit it off. +3 kiss & +5 crush

 Marcus got promoted at work that day too and bought a smoke alarm and burglar alarm... then he was broke again.

*sigh*  As you've probly guessed the computer broke.  He electrocuted himself fixing it but once it was fixed the door thingy was still open and it wouldn't work.  

 I sold the glitched computer and bought the easel he'd been saving up for.

 Yep, he found another girl to kiss.  I think her name was Carly.  +3 kiss, +5 crush, +3 chinese food

 Awe!  I didn't know you could pet penguins.  Sooo cute.

 Marcus vs. Social Bunny!  Marcus won.  +10

Marcus must have been on a lucky streak from meeting the penguin and beating the social bunny because he got another job promotion!
Turns out the expense of the burgular alarm was justified.  Not only did he not get robbed but the police paid him $500 for helping snag a criminal.  Unfortunately I have no use for extra money at this point.

On his last day on the job before aging up to adult Marcus got his final promotion at work. +50
Marcus called just to see and was approved for 3 college scholarships.  +35

Marcus had a party for his birthday.  He invited his parents, grandmother and the 3 girls he'd been seeing.  The party surprisingly was a roof raiser.  +3 for pizza

 Marcus was able to age up Carly and Gwen, not sure why he could age up the other one.  I also have no idea why everyone else is standing in the bathroom?

Marcus made a total of 6 friends in this challenge.  +120
Total points:
247 (It would have been more but with the way the house was placed I couldn't put in a driveway to buy him a car.)

All-in-all I would NEVER do this challenge again.  It was sooooo boring.  He was either at school, work or sleeping.  Which is why I finished so darned fast.

Chapter 7

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