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Sunday, January 3, 2016

TS2- So Long Suckers!

Chapter 4

Poor Marcus Bailey has to entertain himself.  His parents are too busy for him.

 The heir Sophie ages up to toddler.

 The final baby for this generation is born.  Andrew Bailey.

 The place is turning into a real dump.
 (I have no idea how it happened, Max went out to pay the bills and it looked like this!)

 Time goes by and soon Andrew is a toddler.

 Sophie ages to a child the same day.

 The next day, Marcus ages to teen.

 Marcus declares himself an independent teen and moves out.

I played most of this part in the dark so I couldn't make notes as I went.  So I let the pictures tell the story for me.  After grandma Monica took away toddler Erica things got worse for Marcus in the Bailey household.  Max and Sierra were too busy to pay any attention to him.  He still managed to get an A+ in school and age to teen with a platinum aspiration meter.  He doesn't hold it against Sophie that she gets all the attention, he just wants to find people of his own that will like him for him.  He chose the popularity aspiration because he wants to surround himself with friends.  He plans to get his own place and a job while still attending high school.  Thus begins the "Teenage Dream" challenge.

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