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Sunday, January 3, 2016

TS2- Argh Twins!

Chapter 2

I forgot how hard raising twins is!  There's constant feedings and diaper changes and they're always hungry/wet at the same time.

 Aaaaand as soon as the babies are taken care of the dog needs a bath.

 Tobias got a promotion. +5 pts

 Terror got in a fight with "leader of the pack" and lost miserably... then went back for more.

 Yes, we already know I'm a horrible builder.
I needed another bathroom and wanted to add another bedroom.  I'm already planning on changing most of it.

 The twins are about to age up to toddlers so it's time to add a third for those extra points!

 Okay, why on earth does Aiden look like a girl???

 Yay Addison is pretty and doesn't look like a boy, lol.

 Aiden post-makeover.

 Another promotion: +5 points.

Wow, when I thought babies were hard as twins I was wrong.  Toddlers are insane!  After a day of potty-training, ect I had to take a break.

Points this post:
2 job promotions +10
1 platinum meter +5
Chapter 3


  1. Thank you for doing my challenge :) It means a lot

    1. Awe now I feel bad that I haven't been doing this challenge recently! I'll get back to it I promise! Thank you for making the challenge. :)


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