Saturday, January 2, 2016

TS2- The Ups and Downs

Chapter 5

We left off with Monica Bailey (the founder of the random legacy challenge) showing up at her old fling John Mole's door with their granddaughter Erica.  John gladly let them move in and added a bedroom to his house for little Erica.  From here on out the story is about Erica.  Why?  Because she is the victim of my newest challenge: The Ups and Downs of a Lifetime.  Basically, there is a HUGE list of good and bad things that can happen during a sim's lifetime starting with a toddler until death.  For each item on the list that they accomplish you get a point.  There's bonus points too but I haven't really looked at them yet.  And so without further ado the challenge begins!

With the help of smart milk Erica was potty-trained, learned to walk and talk in a few hours.

With ups there come downs... I forgot to take a picture of poor Erica passed out on the floor with a wet diaper.
There just seems something wrong with a man wearing a speedo playing peek-a-boo. 
(Although, there's something wrong with speedos period.)

 Grandma reads to Erica.
(Also in her bathing suit.)

 Erica litterally aged up to child and ran to the stove to make a muffin.
She will be eating nothing but muffins until she gets 3 cooking skill points.

 Nothing like a night-time swim.

 John looking like a young man and having several grandkids seemed odd.  Hence the new and not really improved John Mole.  At least he still has the sunglasses.

I freaking love those pajamas!  In addition to cooking skills Erica is working on creative and cleaning.  Right now she's making a painting to hang on her wall.

Points so far:

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