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Saturday, January 2, 2016

TS2- Tragedy Strikes

Chapter 2

Okay so, I started playing the L'Amour family again... the one from the internet dating challenge.  I was bored out of my mind!  Soooo I remembered this post I saw on Mod the Sims Tiny Challenges for Boring Moments.  It has all kinds of scenerios that you can make happen in the game to liven things up.  I figured why not?  So I rolled a 4 and a 3: Uh-oh! A sim in your household has an appointment with the Grim Reaper. You may choose the way in which they ‘go’. Pool ladder accident, fire in a room with no door, boolprop… Whichever way they leave this earthly realm is fine, as long as they don’t die of old age. Oh, and no resurrecting. And the grave stays on the lot.  Erm, yeah.  So, I figure well this'll liven things up a bit and so...

Why oh why did Daddy swim without a ladder???

 Apparently Grim floats.

Yep you guessed it.  After all that time romancing Luc I killed him.  Because I was bored and the dice said to.  *sigh*  I went back a little while later and looked at more of the mini challenges on that page and most of them were pretty stupid.  Lesson learned, lol.  So Luc dies and Angelika wishes to fall in love and to get a kitten.
Let's start off with the kitten.

The kitten's name is Sloth.  My son named it.  Besides the kitten Angelika was having no luck.  She flagged down men from the street, she searched the internet, I wasn't about to try the darned matchmaker again after the major failure with the immortal challenge.  So finally after days of searching and wishing I hadn't killed Luc I went into create-a-sim and made her a man.  His name is Brian.
Don't forget the baby!  
Ethan aged to a toddler.

 Brian proposed to Angelika.

 Yay!  The story isn't so sad after all.

 For your entertainment: Brian in his work uniform.

So Luc died tragically.  No ghost haunting the house yet.  The kitten aged up looking like a Siamese.  Brian got a job in the athletic career.  Angelika spends her time taking care of Ethan and painting.  Ethan has learned to walk and potty train.  Unfortunately no smart milk in this household so it's taking awhile.  Hopefully Angelika and Brian can live happily ever after!

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