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Thursday, December 31, 2015

TS2- The Immortal Challenge Begins!

Chapter 1

Seriously I wasn't sure about doing this challenge at all.  For one thing I already have a legacy-type challenge going on.  For another it just sounded tedious.  Then I watched some of the videos on the creator's Youtube channel and I was hooked.  You can find details of the challenge and scoring here.

Meet my founder, Tobias Steel.
(He's catching butterflies on his empty lot if you were wondering) 

Tobias Steel, founder of this Immortal Challenge, will endeavor to live for 10 generations.  Each time a wife dies he will take a new wife and a new job... basically start all over.  He will do this by utilizing the "elixir of youth".  He gains and loses points depending on how he's doing.  If he ages to elder, dies somehow or cheats on his current wife it's GAME OVER.  He started out in Desiderata Valley because that's where my other current challenges are.  He bought an empty 4x4 lot, not the biggest lot size available but 5x5 looked freakin' huge.  I am not a good builder.  I copied the creator's build from her Youtube video to start out with.
The outside: all those grid lines on the ground show the size of the lot.

 The inside: I tried going by several angles but just couldn't get a pic of the whole place.

Next, Tobias had to get a job.  I decided to take the first job in the newspaper which turned out to be the criminal career.  I followed his wants for awhile trying to keep him in a good mood and rack up points towards that exlir of life.  One wish that netted big points was to adopt a puppy.  Now, if you've never adopted a puppy in Sims 2 you probly don't know that they usually come with terrible traits.  Somehow Tobias lucked out and got a great one.  He named him Terror.  (He's turned out to be quite the terror to any passers-by.)  Speaking of passers-by, that's usually the easiest way to find a mate.  So for days Tobias stopped every girl that walked by.  No luck, none of them would give him the time of day.
Out of desperation Tobias calls the matchmaker.  
Epic fail, the girl was a snob and they had no chemistry.

 Ignore the man walking in the background and bask in the glory that is Tobias' love!

After around 15 girls failing to keep his interest, one mistaken call to the matchmaker and almost two lonely sim weeks Tobias brings home Lexie Vu from work.  They hit it off immediately.  Tobias was so overjoyed by their successful kiss that he threw himself into her arms!  She must work out, hehe.
Once again, overjoyed by his engagement to Lexie, Tobias leaps into her arms!

 Tobias and Lexie were married that night by the light of the moon.

Tobias wanted a wedding party and what Tobias wants Tobias gets.  I didn't realize how late it was and how much of a mistake not having an enclosed bathroom would be with all those guests!  Shortly after the vows Lexie had to leave for work.  Poor Tobias almost peed himself waiting for everyone to leave.  As you know Lexie is also in the criminal career.  She brought in $9,000 which did a lot of renovating to the house.  Unfortunately she has the romance aspiration.
After the wedding Tobias had racked up enough points for his life elixir.

Adding on to the house was a real pain in the butt.  I am surely not a talented builder.  I go for convenience not beauty.  I thought my husband might throw me out of the bedroom if I didn't stop complaining about building that house and all I basically did was add on two bedrooms and enclose the bathroom.  Part of the challenge is having children so they started trying for baby right away.  They tried and tried and tried.  Days went by and to no avail there were no jingle of bells signaling a pregnancy.  By then they both had the wish to have a baby and time just kept ticking by.  It's amazing how little time sims have for things like whoohoo when they're working and keeping up their needs.  Finally Lexie was pregnant and I sighed with relief!
Twins Addison and Aiden were born and after putting them into their cribs the parents just stood staring at each other, it was too cute.

Points tally so far:
+15 for 3 full platinum bars
+20 for getting married
+40 for buying elixir of life
+25 for 5 job promotions

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