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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TS2- What's Up With the Bailey's?

Chapter 2

This is Monica Bailey, the founder of the Random Legacy Challenge family.

Monica was a single mom.  She met her daughter Sierra's dad when he came to welcome her to the neighborhood.  He gave her quite the welcome, and left her with Sierra to raise alone.  But that was Monica's duty as heir so she did it without complaint.  Despite having flings here and there with co-workers from her culinary career, Monica never forgot John.
This is Sierra and her husband Max.
In the background is Pippin the cat.

Sierra is pregnant for the third time and has one more to go to fulfil her legacy as heir.  She is in the showbiz career and Max works from home writing novels.  They met when they were teenagers.
This is first-born child Marcus.  He'll be aging to child today.  
Daughter Erica will age to toddler as well.

Sierra gives birth to a second daughter Sophie and in her excitement announces that she will be the Bailey family heir.  Marcus, who just got home from his first day at school, is not happy that he was over-looked.  Sierra and Max conceive their fourth and final child immediately after Sophie's birth.  Seeing that newly aged toddler Erica is being neglected, grandma Monica takes her and moves out of the house.
Monica and Erica show up at grandpa John's bachelor pad. 
And so begins the "Ups and Downs of a Lifetime Challenge" for Erica.

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