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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TS2- As the Sim World Turns

Chapter 1

Like sands in the hourglass these are the days of our lives...

Angeleka L'Amour is a new resident to Desiderata Valley.  Angeleka is a introvert so she jumped at the chance to participate in the Internet Lover Challenge.  She bought a home next door to the Bailey family, they are my Random Legacy Challenge family, you'll hear more about them soon I'm sure.  

Angeleka outside of her new house the first day.

Per challenge rules, Angeleka sold her phone and bought a computer.  She then proceeded to chat with all the different men that were online at the time.  Luckily after chatting with them their pictures appear in her relationships panel.  All but one was a dud.

 Angeleka sent e-mails back and forth to Luc for several days.

At first, Angeleka only sent one e-mail at a time to Luc but after a couple of days of that their relationship score was only like 18.  So she started sending several at a time several times a day.
Between e-mails Angeleka painted like crazy.

Someone knocked over the garbage can and she became obsessed with stomping bugs.  Unfortunately part of the challenge is total seclusion so she couldn't call a pest control service.  She got the flu from the bugs and I made her secondary aspiration family so she could make chicken soup.

 With no access to a repair man she had to learn mechanical to fix the constantly breaking computer.

With only 16 days left before she aged to elder Angeleka finally felt comfortable enough with Luc to buy a phone and invite him over.  Their relationship score was 99/84.
Finally they meet!

As per the rules Angeleka flirts and kisses Luc and boom hearts abound!  She invites him to move in. He has 29 days until aging to elder, so unfair.  He's also level 5 in the Slacker career.  He only brought in $1,000 when he moved in.
With time at a minimum for Angeleka, they try for a baby immediately.

 3 days later their son Ethan is born!

Technically, the challenge itself is over.  She met and then married a man from the internet.  I found this challenge very fun especially since I didn't even know you could meet sims that way.  I will continue playing the L'Amour family because I have plans for little Ethan so expect an update about him.

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