Friday, February 12, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Bellamy 2.1: Get Me Out Of This House!

Apocalypse Challenge Bellamy House Chapter 2.1: Get Me Out Of This House!

I was actually looking forward to playing the Bellamy house.  I knew Clay was aging to adult and would be able to get some job promotions finally.  I already went through twin toddlers in the Rauscher house so I wasn't concerned.  I was soooo wrong.  In the Rauscher house Benjamin had pretty much every day off that the kids were toddlers.  In the Bellamy house everyone but Asher worked.  The poor elder was constantly needing something.  I'm surprised he survived the week.  The twins were an absolute nightmare.  Even once they aged to children I couldn't seem to keep their needs up.  Suffice to say, I'm happy the week is over.

We start the week off aging up the twins.  First Zach.

Then Tori.

Look they match.

Lainey ages to elder.  

Finally Clay and Ivy have a day off together to train up the twins.  Grandpa and Grandma taught them to walk.

Yay!  Clay ages to adult.

He can finally practice charisma and get some promotions at work.

The next day Ivy aged to adult.  I forgot a cake for her.

Clay proposes.

Still no wedding arch so they just exchange rings.

Then it's time for the twins to age to child.

Here they are all aged up.

No family outings this week.  The families needs were always too low to leave the house.

Rauscher Chapter 3.3: Temporary Housing

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