Friday, February 12, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Rauscher 3.3: Temporary Housing

Apocalypse Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 3.3: Temporary Housing

Look familiar?  Yep, I couldn't enter the Rauscher house again.

Their house is bulldozed and this temporary house is put down.  It's the same as Grayson's house just with everything recolored.

Skyler brought Tori Bellamy home from school.

Grandma Fallon woke up before everyone every morning.  She would go into the twin's room and tuck each of them in.  It was so sweet, I hardly ever see a sim do this.

It was a little chaotic but Skyler and Shay aged up to teens.  He is knowledge/family and she is fortune/family.  Their lifetime wishes are too stupid to mention.

This time Skyler brought home Mariah Parker.  I'm loving seeing sims from the other houses.

On Saturday they took a trip to the military outpost and Fallon and Zoe coached the twins on the obstacle course.  They almost maxed their body in one day!

That's all for now.  I say "temporary housing" because I plan to build them a new house when arcitecture is lifted.  Another thing I realized that was lost was all of the families novels they had written.  I'm really trying not to let this get me down.

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