Saturday, February 13, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 1.4: First to College

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 1.4: First to College

The family starts the week off with their outing.  First they go to the Milez Car Emporium and Mom and Dad get new vehicles.

Then it's to the pet store to pick out this big baby.  His name is Rocky and he's a bull mastif.

Here you can see Grayson's truck, Brittany's car and the new doggie.

Mariah gets an A+ in highschool.

Mariah brings home Shay Rauscher from school.

The family has one last meal together before Mariah leaves for college.

Don't worry, she'll be back.

Not much happened in Mariah's absence.  She left halfway through the week and the rest of the week was pretty boring.  Here you can see Grayson teaching Rocky to sit-up.

Meanwhile in college...

Mom comes along to wish Mariah good luck.

Mariah had the hots for the llama mascot and for a minute I thought about it but I did some research and decided it was a bad idea.

This was Michael.  After the llama debacle I was thrilled when she met and fell for Michael.  They had 3 bolts, he had great skills.  But, and it's a big but, I never saved after they met and my power went out.  When I got the game started back up there was no Michael.  Mariah had been a senior, she was a sophomore.  I about cried it sucked so much.  So I just rushed her through college.

 Mariah returns home never knowing that she lost the love of her life.

Doe Chapter 1.4: Dormie Love

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