Saturday, February 13, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 1.4: Dormie Love

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 1.4:

The family spends one last quiet night at home together before Troy goes off to college.  For some reason he ended up older than Mariah and left a day sooner than she did.

Off to explore life outside of Terminus.

Lilly gets the last of the skills she needs to top architecture.  Sadly though she ended up with so many days off she did not lift the restriction this week.

Xander gets the last body point he needed to max all of his skills.

Life without Troy is lonely.  They spend most of their time playing chess.

Meanwhile at college...

Lilly rides along with Troy to wish him luck.

Troy falls in love with one of his dorm-mates named Elizabeth Jordan.  Unfortunately she has no skills.  So I decide she can go for the Slacker career, it doesn't need many skills.  She's a fortune/family sim like Troy and they have 3 lightning bolts in chemistry.

After a few days he rolls the want to get engaged.

They visit his hometown on some off time to get some body skill for both of them.

Time flies by and they don't get much time to interact.  I made sure they had a meal or two together each day.  Then they both graduated with honors.

Bellamy Chapter 2.2: That's News!

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