Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Doe 2.4: Secret Society

Apocalypse Challenge Doe House Chapter 2.4: Secret Society

The week was really boring in the Doe house.  It started out with Troy trying to max all 7 skills for his lifetime wish while Bran studied for college.  I guess Elizabeth is writing in her diary.

Then, mid-week, Bran left for college.

Elizabeth adopted a Italian Greyhound named Oreo.  She had the wish to obtain a pet and they've never had a pet in the Doe house before.

The Reaper came for Xander.  He was 80.

Then the next day Grim was back for Lilly.  She was 81.

Meanwhile at college...

Elizabeth drops Bran off and wishes him well.

Bran gets carted off in handcuffs.

He is initiated into The LFT Society.

There he meets his future wife Lisa Harris.

He invites his parents to graduation.

Bellamy Chapter 3.3: Do the Smustle!

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