Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Parker 2.4: That Was Unexpected

Apocalypse Challenge Parker House Chapter 2.4: That Was Unexpected

Now that they can use genie lamps Jihoon decided to wish for lifelong happiness because his lifetime wish isn't going to happen so this is the only way to get perma-plat.

This is what Mariah wears to work, the one day she works.  I forgot to take a pic last week.

Rocky passes on.

Okay, so Mariah is at work and I'm concentrating on Jada trying to decide if I should get her a boyfriend or something to liven things up because I'm bored when this happens!  I was vaguely aware that Jihoon was on the telescope but I've never had an abduction without summoning the aliens so the thought never occurred to me. 

Sure enough, he's beamed up to the ship!

He comes back a little worse for wear.

Jada was real excited.

Jihoon looked thrilled when he realized he was pregnant.

Jada couldn't wait.

To keep her mind off the baby she decided to go shopping, she got groceries and stopped at PawPrints Pet Shop and picked up a new dog.  A schnauzer called Snazzy.

The next morning baby boy Zephe was born.
(I quit here because I was getting terrible lag so I'll have an extra day with the Parker's next week.)

Doe Chapter 2.4: Secret Society

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