Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Couderc 1.3: Tell the Reaper: That's Show Business!

Apocalypse Challenge Couderc House Chapter 1.3: Tell the Reaper: That's Show Business!

On the second day Shay lifts Show Business!  Sims can finally change appearance in mirrors!  They can buy new clothes!  (Although if a sim's clothes were really bad I cheated this one all along.  Sorry.)  And they can redeem romance aspiration perks!

When I saw Randy going to work dressed like this with his mohawk gone I was like what the hell?

Randy finally gets a day off and does nothing but skill trying to get those last requirements to top his career.

It works!  Randy lifts Paranormal!  Sims can now plead with the Grim Reaper!  Move graves all you want!  Use your genie lamps!  (and other mystical stuff I didn't care about)

Edric spends his last day as a child fishing in the new pond because he wanted to fish.

Shay tucks him in that night knowing he'll be a teen tomorrow.

Once again, I set up for Edric to age up and Shay and Randy go upstairs to "relax".

They showed up after he aged to teen.  He is a knowledge/family sim and his lifetime wish is to have 50 1st dates.  *sigh*

They take an outing for Edric's birthday and play games at Byte This Internet Cafe.

Parker Chapter 2.4: That Was Unexpected

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