Monday, February 22, 2016

TS2- Apocalypse Rauscher 4.3: Go Away Grim

Apocalypse Challenge Rauscher House Chapter 4.3: Go Away Grim

Whenever Grim takes a pet it always makes me sad.

I re-did the graves, then remembered that I'm not allowed to move them!  Dangit!

Everyone gets the want for a puppy or pet so here is Shadow.

Shadow grew into a adult less than a day later.

All of the family was hungry so I bought a bigger table and Benjamin made turkey.

Finally, halfway through the week, Skyler lands an Artist job at level 6.  This was the last tier 3 job needing to be filled.  I'm already dreading the end of this challenge.

One morning the bus comes and I cancel out the twins playing chess and thought they had gone to school only to see them a little while later in the yard playing.  So they had to walk to school.

*sigh*  Poor Benjamin.  I swear I thought he was platinum aspiration.  No hula girls for him.  He was 71.

After I finish moving Benjamin's urn outside I hear something and it's Shay crying by the gate.

It's already time for the twins to age to teens.

I rolled for their main aspirations... Lukas is popularity/family and his ltw is to whoohoo 20 sims (ugh) and Lina is romance/family and her ltw is max 7 skills.

Skyler takes the twins to the Simuseum to see some art.

Here's the outside.  Here's the link.

Couderc Chapter 1.3: Tell the Reaper: That's Show Business!

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